Compost Ed goes to Mayne Island

This past week the Compost Ed Centre took a little day trip to Mayne Island to teach the folks there all about some advanced composting methods.  We gathered in the old Ag Hall and had a wondrous two hours of composting queries, information exchange, homemade lemon cake and strong cups of tea!  Vicki of the Mayne Island Recycling Society showed me the Mayne Island community garden, and I thought we could all take a page or two from their book.  Scroll on down to learn more (click on the pictures to enlarge)!

Awesome poster!
Garden Goddess
The guardian at the gate of the Mayne Island Community Gardens
Mayne CG
Beautiful plots!
3-bin labels
Their passively managed 3-bin composting system. After attending the workshop, Vicki was inspired to try building a hot compost in the fall!
3-bin rules
Golden Rules
Vicki in garden
What that compost helps to grow!
Garden candy
To make the gardeners’ experience even more meditative…
Amazing rainwater catchment system! 10 cisterns, all fundraised for, capture water off the metal roof of the nearby community centre.
water rules
Rainwater use is volunteer-managed. The cisterns’ water level is monitored and a weekly “fair water distribution” amount is determined, measured in easily-counted watering cans.
boat garden
Creative container
Vicki board
We couldn’t agree more with what the sign says!

A huge thanks to Mayne Island for hosting and inspiring us, we look forward to more trips around the southern Gulf Islands, spreading the compost word!