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What do educators have to say about our schools program?

“It was very apparent that the kids, and their parents, thoroughly enjoyed the program. The day after the program I had one little guy, who attended the program, ask me to find him books on composting as his family were going to build a compost!”


“I liked how experiential the tour was for the children. The facilitator was skilled at maintaining the children’s attention and keeping them interested.”


“Elora was very interactive, engaging, and fun! She noticed when the children needed to move and was willing to respond to many questions, comments and student inquiries!”

The kids had a great memory retention about what they’ve learn from the workshop about Corey’s story,  last week I overheard 2 children talking about making compost stew,  this week a boy and a girl put on a puppet show  while we were playing at the oak tress they asked me to watch them, the puppet show was about Corey and Brownie and doctor wiggles making compost stew. They used a green leaf for Corey,  brown leaf for Brownie and a stick to be doctor wiggles. 

Yesterday on our way to the lower playground,  another girl found a brown leaf,  she poke 2 big holes on it to become the eyes and she said this is Brownie from the Brown’s family. 

  • August 2022


Our Grade 2 Class was so thrilled to take part in the Wrigglers at Work workshop. It was delivered in an extremely engaging and hands on way with plenty of opportunity for students to ask questions and take part in putting our compost bin together. This was such an awesome way to connect to our science learning in an experiential and fun way!

  • February 2022

Jeffrey was fantastic – so kind and engaging. The whole class loved the presentation.

  • April 2022

The presenter was informed, patience, and knowledgeable. My kids absolutely loved it!

  • May 2022

Great hands on workshop! my grade 2-3 loved it!

  • May 2022

This workshop was amazing! Elora was very responsive to the needs of my class and was able to keep them engaged through the whole workshop. My class really enjoyed the puppets and are becoming eager composters.

  • May 2022

The tour was really interesting and fun. The kids and adults loved it.

  • August 2022


“Jeffrey was awesome, the program was super age appropriate and fun. They absolutely LOVED it. Not sure why I haven’t done this before.”