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Additional Offerings

BioDiversity Zine


Learn undertold histories of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour ecological stewards who have worked to increase environmental sustainability, steward their local ecosystems, and protect their lands. This educational zine comes with resources for educators and students to learn and reflect on how they can become ecological stewards in their own community.

Sustainable Lifestyles


This 50-page workbook is designed to encourage students to critically engage with environmental issues. The workbook explores social systems of inequality, oppression, and green lifestyles to encourage students to think of how they might live sustainably in their communities. Students are offered optional projects on categories of land, food, and more.


$50/ consult

Looking for guidance on your composting system at your school or child care centre? We are happy to provide consultation to help you figure out what composting system might work best for you! Reach out to find a time for a phone call or in person visit with our educator.

Pro-D or ECE Workshop

$125/ workshop

Do you have a group of educators looking to further their knowledge on how to deliver engaging environmental education? Reach out about booking a Professional Development Session. Pro-D sessions can be formatted as a run through of one of our child and youth workshops with a deeper dive into the content, or can be focused more broadly on the skills needed to deliver lessons on growing school gardens, building soil at school or more!