Schools Program for Daycare, Preschool, and Kindergarten

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Little Corey’s Compost Story

45 minutes | $75/ workshop | Book Anytime!

Follow Corey (a friendly apple core) and Brownie (a helpful leaf) in this interactive puppet show as they learn about “browns” and “greens” and how to make compost in a backyard bin. Students will engage through song, movement and play in this fun story-based workshop.

Little Wrigglers at Work

1 hour | $75/workshop + $40 worm bin and worms | Book anytime!

Learn the basics of composting by meeting fun puppets, and explore how red wriggler worms transform food waste into soil. Students will learn all about red wrigglers by creating a worm composting bin for your classroom to keep for continued learning! Follow up resources for educators are provided. Option to harvest your bin in part 2 of our workshop.

Little Soil Superstars

1 hour | $75/workshop | Book anytime!

Why is soil so important? This discovery-based workshop explores soil and compost up close while making connections to the role we play in maintaining soil health. This lively workshop includes puppets, song and movement. Students will also get the chance to meet live worms and learn about the amazing work they do for the soil!

Little Spectacular Seeds

1 hour | $75/workshop | Book anytime – pertinent in springtime!

Why are seeds so amazing? Explore how the many shapes and sizes seeds come in help them travel, participate in a seed dissection to understand what’s going on inside of a seed, and how baby plants grow. Students get the opportunity to be creative and use their imagination and end by planting their own seeds!

Little Site Tour

1 hour | $75/workshop | Best booked April-September

Explore the Compost Education Centre Teaching Gardens and Demonstration Site! Meet puppets, live worms and fish and learn about composting, growing food and sustainability through touch, taste and smell. This exploratory and interactive tour is action packed!

Little Wrigglers Harvest

1 hour | $75/workshop

Has your worm bin come full cycle? Complete your students’ understanding of the compost cycle through an exploration of their finished compost! Students will get the chance to get up close and personal with their worms while discovering all the other critters that have been living with them in the bin! This lesson is hands on and filled with laughs.

*Note: Harvest workshops should be booked around 6 months after setting up the worm bin. The contents of the bin should look like soil and be a small particle size with little newspaper.

Little Bugs & Blossoms

45 minutes | $75/workshop | Best Booked April-September on-site or at a site with a garden for pollinator observation

Join our friends Bumble (a buzzy bee), Beetie (a round beetle), and Horace (a beautiful hummingbird), on their pollination journey. This interactive story-based workshop delves into the importance of pollen and pollinators in our gardens, engaging participants through song, dance, and a colorful puppet show.