Schools Programs for Grades 9-12

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Grade 9 to grade 12

Sustainability Site Tour

1 hour | $75/workshop | Best booked April-September

Dive deep into the world of composting, native plants and pollinators, veggie gardens, aquaponics, and more with a guided tour of our Teaching Gardens and Demonstration Site. The tour offers a look into real life applications of sustainability practices and encourages discussion, critical thinking and reflection.

Composting Basics

1-1.5 hours | $90/workshop | Book anytime for in-person or online

Learn the basics of successful composting, the various techniques used to compost, as well as the importance of soil to our society and the earth itself. This workshop can include a hands-on component to determine the best composting system for your class or school, or can involve troubleshooting an existing compost system.


1 hour | $75/workshop+$40 worm bin | Book anytime

Vermicomposting is an ecosystem and composting system all in one! Alongside an intro to composting, this workshop will introduce students to the anatomy and reproduction of red wriggler worms, and the many ways to create and maintain an active composting worm bin. Dive deep into the world of worms and keep the worm bin for your classroom!

Vermicomposting: Worm Bin Harvest

1 hour | $75/ workshop

This hands-on workshop dives deeper into the compost cycle while students get their hands dirty harvesting their worm bin and finding lots of other critters along the way. End by adding your compost to the garden and discovering its benefits and/or by starting the worm bin again!

*Note: Harvest workshops should be booked around 6 months after setting up the worm bin. The contents of the bin should look like soil and be a small particle size with little newspaper.