Composting Accessories

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Medium Kitchen Catcher

It’s the easy answer to transporting your compost from kitchen to compost bin!

  • Wide opening allows for easy emptying of plates.
  • Sturdy, contoured handle makes it easy to carry and empty.
  • All corners and edges are rounded so it’s much easier to empty and to clean.


This amazing tool makes aerating compost easy!  All you have to do is plunge the Wingdigger into your compost then pull it out, the Wingdigger spreads its “wings” to easily lift and aerate your compost pile.

  • Light weight
  • Made of rust-resistant steel alloy
  • Easy grip molded plastic handle
  • Made in BC

Green Cone Accelerator Powder
$7.50 (price increase comes from manufacturer)

Keep your green cone food digester working with a refill of accelerator powder.  The natural bacteria contained in the powder will help your green cone work at peak capacity, even in colder and less sunny times of the year.