Compost Bins

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Earth Machine Composter
$114.00 / $104.10 for members

The Earth Machine fulfills all of our criteria for a good composting bin:

  • Pest resistant
  • Base plate allows drainage but denies rodent entry
  • No large openings
  • Lockable lid
  • UV ray resistant
  • Made in Canada of 50% recycled plastic
  • Volume: 10 cubic feet
  • Easy assembly and fits into most vehicles for transport
  • 10-Year Warranty

For more information on using the Earth Machine, see our Backyard Composting factsheet.

Green Cone Food Waste Digester
 $185.00/ $170.00 for members

Looking to increase your waste diversion even more? The Green Cone digester accepts all food scraps, including items that typically cannot go into backyard composters such as:  dairy, cooked food, bread, bones and meat.

The digester must be dug 2 feet into well draining soil in a sunny area of the garden.  Simply add all your food scraps and it will ‘digest’ them – turning your waste into a nutrient rich leachate that is absorbed by the surrounding soil.

It can also be used to compost pet waste (no kitty litter or dog waste bags, however).  It must be placed at least 10 feet away from a food garden or fruit producing tree if being used to dispose of pet waste.

No skill or effort required, simply fill and forget:

  • Easy assembly – requires only a screwdriver and a shovel
  • Requires very little maintenance after installation
  • Handles up to 11lbs of food scraps per week
  • Pest resistant
  • Perfect for group dwellings, schools and households with limited green space

For more information, check out the our Green Cone Food Digester factsheet.

Worm Compost Bin
$55.00 / $50.00 for members

Do you live in an apartment or condo or have limited outdoor space?  You can still recycle your kitchen food scraps into fertilizer for your houseplants with an indoor vermicompost (worm compost) bin!

Our worm bins come with bedding and a stand, red wriggler worms can be purchased separately from a local supplier.

  • Sturdy, ventilated high-density plastic bin with lid
  • Effective drainage system (so your worms don’t drown!)
  • Instructions provided
  • Red wrigglers are voracious eaters and can produce finished compost within 4-6 months

For more information check out our Vermicomposting factsheet.