Super Seeds!

Join Elora from the Compost Education Centre, as we learn all about seeds! We’ll take a look at what’s inside a seed, discover how seeds travel around, discuss why they’re so important and even learn how to collect and save them!

Let’s Make Compost!

Join Jeffrey, as we learn all about compost – why it’s important and how it’s made. We’ll discuss the tiny life forms that work hard to recycle our food, and how composting can help us contribute to the health of our communities.

Bees and Pollen!

What’s all the buzz about bees? Join the Compost Education Centre and the Greater Victoria Public Library to learn about the importance of pollinators and discover little known facts about native bees and the integral role they play in our local ecosystem!

Spring Site Tour!

Join Zoe-Blue and Elora for a tour of our site!


Learn about five people that formed deep relationships with the land, animals, waters, and other non-human being around them. Click here to learn more about the BioDiversity Zine series and read all four issues 

Wrigglers at Work!

Learn about the fascinating biology of Red Wriggler Worms, and the important role they can play in helping us create nutrient-rich compost! We will also go over the steps of how to set up and care for your own indoor worm composting bin at home, using simple and inexpensive materials.