Bring the Compost Education Centre to You!

January 20, 2015

Did you know that the Compost Ed Centre offers great workshops not only on our site but also out and about in the CRD?  All the workshops that our staff teach here on site are also deliverable to your office, strata, university/college class or garden club AGM.

Green Cone Information Session (1 hr, $75)

Ideal for apartment buildings, stratas, condos or anyone wanting to educate a group on how to best use this amazing organics disposal system.  The Green Cone is our most popular strategy for complying with the CRD-wide ban on organics that started January 1st, 2015.

 Price includes:

  • One hour explanation of how to use the Green Cone to its full potential,
  • Paper copies of our Green Cone Digester Factsheet to distribute to each unit in your complex,
  • Member pricing on your first 2 Green Cones ($135 instead of $150)
  • Ongoing support via our hotline

We have delivered our Permaculture Basics workshop to the Camosun Horticulture Technician program, Native Plant Study Group, the View Royal Garden Club and other community groups.  Our Composting Basics, Advanced Composting and Small-Space Composting workshops have been featured at conferences, Seedy Saturdays, and government “Lunch and Learns”.

While most of these workshops work best in a 1.5-2 hour time-slot to accommodate lots of discussion, they can be altered to fit into a lunch hour.

Workshops and tours are available during our regular business hours: Wednesday-Saturday, between 10am and 4pm.

Composting basics FPComposting Basics (1.5 hrs, $100)
Learn all the basics of composting and discover which system is right for you!




Advanced Composting FPAdvanced Composting  (1.5 hrs, $100)

Advanced Composting aims to broaden the scope of participants’ knowledge of composting methods.  Topics covered will include dynamic accumulators and hot composting, compost tea, in-situ composting methods and humanure.


Worm Composting FPComposting in Small Spaces  (1.5 hrs, $100)
Everything you need to know about vermicomposting.  Topics covered include starting up, maintaining and trouble-shooting a worm bin compost system.  A few other small space composting systems are discussed.



Soil FPSoil Life  (1.5 hrs, $100)
All about the really important tiny lives in your soil.  The soil food web will be discussed, as well as the functions of microbial life in the soil and how they contribute to a healthy, vibrant garden.



GYOF FPGrow Your Own Food 101 (2 hrs, $125)
Want to grow your own groceries but not sure where to even start?  This is a workshop designed for total beginners who want to get their hands dirty and start producing fresh produce in their backyards or in containers.



PYYRVG FPPlanning Your Year Round Veggie Garden (2 hrs, $125)
Here in Victoria good planning makes it possible to harvest produce from our gardens during every month of the year.  This presentation will show you how to make your garden more intensive by planning crop rotations, using protective covers and understanding how winter growing works!


Permaculture Basics FPPermaculture Basics (2 hrs, $125)

Permaculture is a sustainable design theory modeled on natural ecosystems.  This workshop touches on permaculture history, ethics and principles, and scale-able ways to apply the theory to your garden and home.



We also offer guided Sustainable Systems Site Tours, which showcase real-world examples of edible forest gardening, organic vegetable gardening, rainwater harvesting, soil building, composting, and sustainable building techniques.  These tours are a practical, interactive way to connect university and college students with what they are learning in the classroom, as well as other community groups who are interested in how these systems work to create sustainability.  There is plenty of space for questions and discussion relating to these systems, students generally leave inspired and ready for action.  We have delivered these tours to UVIC’s Geography and Environmental Studies departments as well as Camosun College and Horticulture Centre of the Pacific’s Horticulture Technician Programs.

20130613_105750 Sustainable Systems Site Tour (1hr, $90)





Please get in touch if any of these interest you!

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