Adult Workshops

*NOTE*  All of our workshops are currently online!  Attendees will receive Zoom logins via email before workshops begin.  Some of our in-person events and workshops *may* start back up again in August, like our August Organic Plant Sale. 

The Compost Education Centre is pleased to offer a diverse range of workshops on composting, organic gardening, and sustainable living topics every year.  Check out what’s coming up at the Centre on our calendar or click your way over to our Eventbrite page for the full line-up and descriptions!   Our workshops always fill up, pre-registration is necessary.

You can register for workshops through our Eventbrite page, by calling the Centre at 250-386-9676, or by emailing us at Be sure to double check dates and times on the workshop listings on Eventbrite. Each link below will take you to the event page.


January 25: Winter Fruit Tree Pruning

February 1: FREE Composting Basics

February 1: Advanced Fruit Tree Pruning Techniques

February 8: Planning Your Year Round Veggie Garden

February 8: Composting Toilet Systems

February 22: Rainwater Resilience

February 29: Boulevard Blooms and Street Greens

February 29: Greenhouse Growing: Cloches, Hoop Houses and Coldframes

March 7: FREE Composting Basics

March 7: Spring Planting: From Seed to Seedling

March 14: Gardening for Garry Oak Ecosystems

March 21: FREE Worm Composting

March 21: Planning Your Year Round Veggie Garden #2

March 28: Grow Your Own Food 101

March 28: Soil Amendments: What and When?

April 4: FREE Composting For Small Spaces

April 4: Making Herbal Tinctures

April 18: FREE Advanced Composting

April 18: Regenerative Agriculture for the Home Garden

April 21: FREE Grow Your Own Food 101

April 25: FREE Soil: Really Important Tiny Lives

April 25: Garden Pests and Disease: Organic Solutions

May 2: FREE Composting Basics

May 9: Organic Plant Sale with COVID Protocols in Place

May 23: Indigenous Plant Walk

May 28: FREE Worm Composting and Bokashi

May 30: Planning Your Year Round Veggie Garden #4

May 30: Home Scale Solar Systems

June 4: Grow Your Own Food #3

June 6: FREE Composting Basics

June 6: Late Spring Edibles in WASANEC Territory

June 13: Making Sub Irrigated Bucket Planters for the balcony and beyond

June 13: Virtual Garden Tour

June 20: Native Bee Care

July 11: Summertime Garden Pests: What to look for, What to do

August 8: Organic Plant Sale

August 29: Creating an Herbal First Aid Kit

August 29: Summer Pruning

September 12: Composting Basics

September 12: Herbs for Winter Wellness

September 19: FREE Worm Composting

September 19: Hot Water Bath Canning

September 26: FREE Soil: Really Important Tiny Lives

September 26: Pressure Canning

October 3: FREE Composting Basics

October 3: Canning Swap (Registration Details to Come)

October 17: FREE Advanced Composting

October 17: Fermented Hot Sauce and Salsas *In Person*

October 24: Zero Waste Living *In-Person*

October 24: Perennial Vegetables *Online*

October 24: Fermented Hot Sauce and Salsas #2 *Online*

October 31: Grow Your Own Mushrooms *In-Person*

October 31: Gluten Free Sourdough Making and Baking *In Person*

November 7: FREE Composting Basics *Online*

November 7: Advanced Mushroom Growing Techniques *In Person*

November 7: Pressure Canning *Online* #2

November 14: Fermenting Vegetables *In-Person*

November 14: Brewing Kombucha *In-Person*

November 17: Grow Your Own Mushrooms #3 *Online*

November 21: FREE Sheet Mulching *In Person*

November 21: Propagating Perennial Fruit Bearing Plants *In Person*

November 28: Resilient Lifestyles: Permaculture 101 *Online*

November 28: Regenerative Agriculture for the Home Garden #2 *Online*

November 28: Grow Your Own Mushrooms #2 *In-Person*



Adult Workshops and Site Tours