Grades 4 – 8

Workshops may be delivered in our straw bale teaching building  or at your facility, while site tours take place in the Compost Education Centre demonstration gardens.

Workshops are available Wednesday-Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm.

For Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLO), click HERE.


Soil Sleuths
Length:  1.5 hours
Cost:  $65

Students will investigate a historical case study to learn the importance of soil to healthy ecosystems. Hands-on, discovery-based activities encourage students to become soil stewards and unearth the many things soil has to tell us.

Worms Eat My Garbage Series
Part 1: Do The Rot Thing
Length:  1 hour
Cost:  $55/workshop, $40/optional worm bin

Students will build a worm bin together, a composting ecosystem you can keep in your classroom. Action-based activities build an understanding of worm anatomy and behavior as well as the importance of composting. Your class may choose to keep the worm bin for an additional cost of $40.00. 

Sustainability Site Tour
Length:  1 hour
Cost:  $55
Available April-September

Visit our demonstration gardens to learn about composting, permaculture gardening and alternative conservation techniques.  This workshop is available April through September when our gardens are most abundant.

Sustainable Lifestyles

Length: 1 Hour

Cost: $55.00

Through interactive small group work, we will explore some of the following themes: water, clothing, media, food, chocolate, and transportation. Students will discover new, interesting ways to create a sustainable relationship to these things and make an environmental commitment on their new up-cycled mini notebook! 



Worms Eat My Garbage Series
Part 2: Dig It!
Length:  1 hour
Cost:  $55

Book 5-6 months after Part 1. Students who have tended a worm bin in their classroom will harvest the rich castings and start a new cycle in their worm compost bin. Students will feel refreshed on their understanding on closed loop composting cycle. Hands-on worm harvesting make this a lively and informative hour exploring the worm bin ecosystem!

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