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*New* Factsheet #19 Bioremediation for Urban Gardeners

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new factsheet: #19 Bioremediation for Urban Gardeners, written by soil toxicologist and HCS program creator Danielle Stevenson, as part of our Healing City Soils project!
This factsheet is an introduction to beginner-level phyto (plant) remediation in soils that are contaminated with low-to-moderate levels of heavy metals. By working with native and non-native plants phyto-remediation is a process that slowly extracts heavy metal contaminants from soil. The factsheet is available for free online at our website:…/09/19-Bioremediation_no-image.pdf
Bioremediation for Urban Gardeners is the third factsheet in the CEC’s factsheet series all about soil health and best practices if higher-than-normal levels of heavy metals are detected in your soil. If you’re interested in diving in, we recommend that you start with Factsheets #11 and #12, which introduce you to soil contamination and best practices for growing food in urban spaces.
The beautiful image pictured is snip of our ‘Hyperaccumulator’ poster created by local artist Natassia Davies (@ natassiaashley on Instagram), which will soon be available for sale at the CEC- stay tuned!

August Plant Sale: Vendor List, & COVID Protocols

August Organic Plant Sale
Saturday, August 8, 10am-1pm
Vendor plant list (some vendors missing):
Compost Education Centre

Brussel Sprouts (Igor)
Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Lennox Cabbage
Galleon Cauliflower
Fordhook Chard
Rainbow Chard
Danish Ballhead Cabbage
Siberian Kale
Rainbow Kale
Lacinato Kale
Red Russian Kale
Kale mix
Red Romaine
Mixed Mustards

Metchosin Farms

-salad mix
-purple sprouting broccoli
-corn salad
-Springbank clover (traditionally-cultivated native food plant – what Clover Point in Victoria is named after)
-white guava
-dragon fruit cactus
-passion fruit vine

Haliburton Farms (Joyful Agriculture)
Black currant
Butterfly milkweed

Chard, rainbow
Kale, assorted
Green onion
Snow pea

Fresh Produce:

Assorted herbs
Flower bouquets

Saanich Organics

Beets, collards, rutabaga, kohlrabi, green onions, cabbage, napa cabbage, chard, lettuce, spinach, mei qing choi, arugula, purple top turnips, red russian kale, sprouting broccoli, tatsoi, corn salad (mache) and cilantro



























We’re open for sales & online workshops! Click here to learn more.

Screenshots of Chris teaching a sheet mulching tutorial
Chris teaches an online sheet mulching tutorial

The Compost Education Centre office is currently closed, but staff are on site for contactless sales Wed-Sat, 10am – 4pm and we have instructional workshops online at various times (check our Eventbrite page for more details).


We sell composters, composting accessories, online workshops, memberships (which include a free workshop and 10% off at select local shops), seeds and native plant knowledge cards.


Give us a call, 250.386.WORM (9676), to place your order and arrange a pickup time at our gate


As always, feel free to peruse our fact sheets for info about everything from best practices for urban gardens to how to DIY your own greenhouse.


Regretfully, we do not sell worms or compost from our site currently.

Compost on!